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Meet Our Brave Team


Kate Eldean

I started writing as a young child and found it to be an extremely magical escape…

into the imagination and helped to distance me from the stressors of daily family life.  I quickly learned that I could turn to my Mom when the thesaurus or dictionary became overwhelming and I needed a second set of eyes and mind to take my story to the next level.  
As a licensed Marriage & Family therapist I have over 16 years of experience in helping people transform their lives and relationships. I’ve worked in the contexts of psychiatric hospitals, community mental health agencies, the church and private practice.  My focus the last few years has been to integrate my love for soul care work with my extra-curricular passions of creating art, writing and speaking.  It has become the perfect marriage of sorts spending a little less time in the consultation room and more time in the studio.  I enjoy painting, writing and designing empowering workshops for women and children to help them to find their voice through expressive arts and mixed-media. 
The birth of the Gracie Brave series has been a long time coming and we as a mother daughter team cannot wait to take our years of personal life experiences and trials with health & wellness. In addition, the hundreds of patients I have counseled over the years who have taught me more about compassion, mercy, freedom and love than I could’ve gleaned anywhere.  Gracie brings with her a message of hope and healing for young and old alike and she just may spark an interest in you or someone you know to tell your brave story.    
In my spare time I enjoy running, arts & crafts, surfing, travel, embracing other cultures and cuisines and cross-cultural missionary work in Africa and abroad. 

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Pam Krikke

I became serious about writing stories when my children were very young.

It was an escape for me to weave words and stories. Sharing what I wrote with others was a vehicle of letting the reader know they were not alone. My interest and passion; since childhood; is to reach out to young and old alike. Kate and I have been weaving stories together since she was very young. Once we start creating there is a powerful momentum to get to completion and to see where it takes us.
My book ,The Tiniest Gift, a story about special care newborns, has helped many families through this difficult time. It is in its fourth printing through Helen Devos Children's Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
I have worked in the field of interior design, owning my own business for 30 years. My other interests include gardening, flower arranging, golfing, and loving on my grandchildren. I have been blessed and strive to give back in ways to serve the needs of others.